The biggest pride of RAYVEN IT is our clients.
Our driving force is our partners.

    The biggest pride of RAYVEN IT is our clients. Our driving force is our partners. We never stop looking for mutually beneficial relationships with companies active in various business sectors. We are immensely proud of having established strong connections with quite a few partners and customers around the globe. We are open for new ventures and expanding of our current partner & client base.

    We have been successfully working and partnering with well-know firms and prominent individuals. We have implemented projects in niche areas and the list of our loyal clientele is constantly growing.

    Companies from all over the world are looking at RAYVEN IT for the whole range of their development needs. We provide our experienced team to assist companies and individuals in building, managing and improving their presence in the USA, Canada, the UK, Continental Europe, South America, Australia and the Middle East region. We adapt ourselves to different cultures and business models. We know specific mentality and outlook of peoples in different parts of the world.

    Our partners are rather successful companies in their industries. We are working together to deliver the best services. We have been building our relationships over the years of prolific partnership, therefore we have no hesitation in recommending them to our customers.


    It does not matter whether you are a non-profit organization or an individual entrepreneur, a startup or a well established corporation, you are always welcome to approach us with your needs. We are happy to work with anyone who builds his business to change the world.

    Some of Our Prestigious Clients
  • Manufacturing Company in NJ
  • Chemical Company in Chicago IL
  • Manufacturing Company in CT
  • University in NC


    Enabling Business-Technology Alignment through a robust partner network

    RAYVEN provides that crucial business-technology alignment for clients by continually scanning the technology horizon for newer, improved solutions. We partner selected Technology and Business Solutions companies and set up competency centers where new technologies are incubated, tested and nurtured.

    Navigating the future

    Our selected circle of technology and business-solutions partnerships makes us the trusted advisor for clients, while navigating the maze of technologies, products and suppliers.

    Nurturing Relationships with our Partners

    RAYVEN partnerships are aimed at delivering real business value to our clients. Each partnership helps our clients leverage our strong domain competency and delivery capabilities with the comprehensiveness and strengths of partner solutions and platforms

    For partner enquiries, please mail us at

Some of Our Prestigious Partners:

What Out Clents are Saying

    RAYVEN IT's consultants are highly skilled in the most advanced tools we are using and we consider ourselves lucky to find persons like them in these days of acute shortage of skilled professionals. RAYVEN IT's services have greatly affected the current status of the project, and we would like to use their services in future as well.

    Manufacturing Company, NJ

    The implementation expertise from RAYVEN IT enabled us to achieve a successful installation in very short period of time. From the initial sales cycle through the deployment, our engagement has been characterized by an ease of doing business and a win-win partnership with the clear commitment to our success.

    Chemical Company, Chicago IL
    RAYVEN IT Solutions has provided us with complementary skills and our relationship has been extremely successful. We are particularly impressed by the quality of RAYVEN IT Solutions professionals and their customer orientation. Partnering with RAYVEN IT Solutions has provided an efficient, flexible, cost-effective solution to meet our IT needs. Their contribution to the various projects, which includes continuous production support for functional FICO, SD & MM modules, implementation of Web Sales, Catalogue Sales, Banking, Assets Management, customize Reporting etc, has proved invaluable in terms of achieving a faster time-to-market for our products and services. We've been happy with the consistently high rate of design success that the RAYVEN IT Solutions team has always assured us.

    Manufacturing Company,CT
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